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Oct 3 08 10:07 AM

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Hello, please excuse my lack of Norwegian. I am a new member of the forum living in St Albans, England, and have never been to Norway.

I am researching my father's life at sea and am hoping somebody can help me find out about his time on SKUDD 4 and its factory ship, SKYTTEREN in 1930.

I have some fantastic photographs he took but would like to know:

More about the Tonsberg gunners, their company and their ships.

Would factory ships go inside the ice pack?

Where were the whale catchers laid up at the end of the season?

About the use of oil tankers to refuel factory ships & whalers in Antarctica (my father returned to Antarctica a year later on MV SPONDILUS, an oil tanker)

Please also see my posting at:

I found the following very helpful:

I am a retired publisher and plan to publish a book about my father:


I hope you will excuse my use of English and will be able to help me.

Bill Forster
son of
William Redvers Forster (1900-75)
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Oct 4 08 1:37 AM

Hello Bill Forster.
Nice to see British visitors in this forum! If your town St. Albans is the one close to London, I can tell you that I spendt a couple of days there back in the '80ies.
Just some short answeres to some of your questions. Your fathers ship SKUDD 4 was requsitioned by Royal Navy in June 1940 and used as a mine sweeper or anti submarine vessel. In 1944 renamed HMS SPATE. Returned to owners in October 1945. (The company A/S Skytteren did not excist post WWII, so it's to believe that shipowner Yngvar Hvistendahl, Tønsberg managed the sales of those SKUDD catchers who survived the war). In 1946 SKUDD 4 was sold to the whaling co. Cia. Industrial in Chile and renamed INDUS 6, (wreced 13 June 1966 at Caleta Membrillo Creek, Valparaiso Bay).
Most of the whale catchers were laid up in their home ports between the seasons, or at the South Geoergian shore stations, but even ports in Africa and New Zealand were used.
In some cases factory ships and its catchers operated inside the ice pack if they had to. In such dangerous operations some of the catchers were lost.

Bill, if you want the company-story of A/S Skytteren and/or further details, please send me a mail. My E-mail adress:
(Please excuse my jungle-English!!)-


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